boat wraps specialists


Custom Graphics deals with all kinds of boat wraps. Our team will take you through the entire process from consultation to the final implementation. Whether simple or complex boat graphics, we will make it work for you in any case.

vehicle signage


Custom car signage is a good way for to get a new and effective way of self-promotion, while car owners get a possibility to earn some extra money by subleasing their car’s exterior to advertisers. Whether you are an advertiser or car owner, make sure to contact us and work out a custom car signage in Sydney.

interior signage design


Along with regular car signage and prints, Custom Graphic as well specializes in large format prints and car stickers, which can be used on vehicles of any size and shape and even on banners, outdoor stands, and walls of buildings. The best part is that you don’t need any special preparation or installation for vinyl wraps.


Benefits and Value of Vehicle Signage in Australia

When navigating the bustling streets of Sydney or the long highways stretching across Australia

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Cars, Boats, and Shop Signage: The Power of Printed Wraps to Display Your Business

In an age where businesses vie for attention, standing out has never been more vital. 

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Boat interior wrapped in Wood - 3M Dinoc

Boat interior vinyl wrap is becoming increasingly popular among boat owners who are looking to spruce up their boat's interior.

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Looking for a Sign? Choose Aluminum

When it comes to picking out a material for your business’ sign, aluminium should be at the top of your list.

Here’s why.



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Business Signage: Best Practices

If your business has a physical presence, business signage is a fantastic way to attract new customers and enhance the customer experience.

But to reap all the benefits, you need quality signage. So here are our top tips to make your signage pop.

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The Business Benefits of Floor Stickers

Floor stickers can be a great way to market your business and enhance the customer experience.

Here’s why.


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How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Truck Yourself?

The idea of getting a vinyl wrapping for cars and trucks is quickly gaining traction, especially with businesses that want to cut costs with fleet maintenance. To further cut costs, more and more people are opting DIY truck wrap kits as an alternative to professional wraps. But how much does it cost to wrap a truck yourself as opposed to cost of professional truck wrap?

Getting Vinyl Wraps

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PROvinyl - car wrapping

Our cooperation with PROvinyl car wrapping company on exclusive project Willy Wonka Car.

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KFC truck signage

This KFC truck was recently wrapped by us on behalf of Geometry, who in turn were working on behalf of KFC. The truck was to have a complete wrap done, with their own custom in-house design. The biggest challenge for us by far was the time limit that it needed to be done. The truck was to be dropped off on a Friday and it was to be picked up on a Wednesday. The other major problem we faced was that after prior inspection to the vinyl, we felt it was in the best interest to remove the original, pre-existing vinyl wrap, as there were too many nicks and scratches for us to effectively cover over it. 

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NewStyle Flooring

NewStyle Flooring gets a new style vinyl wrap on their van

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AGI Formula Car Wrap

Vinyl wrap for a stunning formula car

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iPhysio Shop Fit Out

Recent custom fit out for a local physiotherapy clinic that just opened up!

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Brauntell Land Cruiser Vinyl Wrap

The latest wrapped cars for Brauntell 

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Another Formula Four

We wrap another rare formula four!

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Vehicle Tuning Wrap

We wrap a van for vehicle tuners

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Like Magic!

Changing up your vehicle's looks is like magic!

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Happy Trails

Trailer back signage abounds!

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In Awe Of This Formula Four

We complete an awesome graphics wrap for an awsome car

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B(ute)iful Vehicle Signage

This ute belongs to a fantastic construction company, who were looking for a fantastic vehicle wrap.

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Indoor Signage For CJ Duncan

Spruce up your interiors with indoor signage

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Smart Frame

When it comes to finding effective outdoor marketing solutions, Smart Frames come into play. By using smooth and practical boards of all shapes and forms are cheap to own and use for advertisement purposes. And you don’t need to resort to heavy glass or acrylic constructions!

Outdoor light boxes

At Custom Graphics we specialize in manufacturing light box signs of all types, shapes, and sizes. Whether you are corporate or individual trader, it is always our pleasure to provide you with our best services.

Fleet Signage

Custom Graphics is a team of leading experts in the area of branding and fleet signage. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, getting a custom designed wrap installed on your fleet is the best decision you could make.

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We have used Mark and the team at Custom graphics for all of our vehicle signage and couldn't be happier with the service they offer.



The team at Custom Graphics completes all the stickers for us here at Thrifty in Alexandria. Whether it's an hours notice or a weeks notice, they always get the job done for us.

John DoeGeorge


We do a lot of custom and unusual vehicle work for various big name brands around Australia and I always turn to Custom Graphics for my signage needs. Whether its complete coverage or some spot signage on a trailer, they are the go to guys for my signage.


Event Vehicles Australia

Having a strong presence on Sydney roads is very important to the growth of our company. Mark and the team at Custom Graphics took over the signage contract for all of our vehicles last year and we haven't looked back.


Camperdown Fitness

why us

If you take a trip in any direction on Australian roads, you will be overwhelmingly surprised at how many vehicles want to get your precious attention – from the tiniest coupes to enormous trucks.

The only way to make sure that your brand is standing out from the crowd in the roads full of all kinds of vehicles is a professionally executed car signage. Custom Graphics is recognized for providing custom car graphics services that get our clients noticed. And that’s not all you get from working with us. Our designers are able to create custom vinyl graphics for any purpose you need, including signs, buildings, walls, and what-not. We can deliver your message through basically anything that can be added with a vinyl graphic.

If you are not sure you understand what custom car graphics are and how they work, we’re going to give you a short guide. Car signage is made by simply applying a vinyl wrap to the vehicle and you don’t need paint for this. Speaking of car wrapping, it is the newest, high-end technology in the vehicle signage niche. So, even if you’re driving a 1983 Buick, you can make it look modern and cool just by throwing a vinyl wrap on it.

What we do

corporate signage

Corporate signage.

Make brand stand out with an eye-catching vinyl sign.

large format signage

Large Format Printing

Custom Graphics can cover basically any surface with custom vinyl signs. We work with car wrapping and building wrapping alike, as well as with anything that’s in between. That’s right, we can even make your WC look better by wrapping its walls with custom vinyl graphics, if this is what you want us to do.

Best vehicle signage

One Way Vision.

This is as simple as it sounds – one way vision film gives a graphic one-way visibility for any glass surface, like car windows. And being able to see people, when they can’t see you is a cool additional feature.

office signage

Office Signage.

If you want your workplace to get more attention and as well want your team to be fired up, you should seriously consider getting custom vinyl stickers to the storefront or office walls, or even both.

ute signage near me

Graphics for Utes.

You want your brand to be noticed by passersby and other drivers? There’s no better way to do it, than by driving your ute to the work site, while having some cool custom graphics wrapped around it.

boat wrap near me

Boat wraps.

We make as cool and catchy boat graphics, as we do car wraps.

car stickers

Car stickers for advertising.

Get custom vinyl lettering for your car and get your business noticed, while driving around town.

car sign

Car sign stickers.

We will gladly provide you with our upper grade vinyl wrap services, whether you want to just make your car stand out or drive around the town advertising your brand.

van wraps near me

Van wrap.

There is probably no better surface to work with, than an entire van. Our Sydney based company will gladly help you cover your van in vinyl stickers.

To put it simple, we will take care of any vinyl wrapping job for you, whether you need a car signage, one way vision, office signage, large format printing, corporate signage, boat signage, or any other vinyl graphic task.

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