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The Business Benefits of Floor Stickers


Floor stickers can be a great way to market your business and enhance the customer experience.

Here’s why.

They’re eye-catching

The floor is not a frequently used marketing space. Placing your signage there is unexpected, meaning that even in today’s cluttered advertising landscape, floor graphics are an effective way to cut through the ‘ad blinders’ and catch consumers’ attention.


Add their customisability to their effectiveness at grabbing attention, and floor graphics become an excellent way to enhance your customer’s experience. Depending on your brand identity and business needs, you can use your floor stickers to:

  • Help your customers navigate to certain areas
  • Write amusing messages to leave a positive impression
  • Or even go big and create a fully custom floor.


Floor stickers can also be attached to pretty much any surface, including tiles, wood, laminated or tiled floors, and more.

Additionally, they’re not hard to remove. So if you’re going through a rebrand, want a temporary promotion, or just need to tweak the design or messaging, floor stickers make it easy.

Want to see what floor stickers can do for your business? Get in touch with us today, and our signage experts will get you set up with custom designs, quality materials, and professional applications.

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