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How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Truck Yourself?


The idea of getting a vinyl wrapping for cars and trucks is quickly gaining traction, especially with businesses that want to cut costs with fleet maintenance. To further cut costs, more and more people are opting DIY truck wrap kits as an alternative to professional wraps. But how much does it cost to wrap a truck yourself as opposed to cost of professional truck wrap?

Getting Vinyl Wraps

An average wrap costs a little over $150 for 1.34m x 3.04m. The price will change depending on the design of the wrap, the style and finish, and even the quality. Premium brands will cost almost double, but the quality of their products is far different from the cheap ones.

One of the downsides in doing a truck wrap yourself is getting more vinyl wrap than you need. At the same time, you might also order too little, and might have to order a new batch of vinyl, which you will have to pay for a second shipping, adding to the total cost. When quoting the cost to vinyl wrap a truck, professionals charge you the exact amount of vinyl used, so truck wrap costs are kept to a minimum.

Getting the Right Tools for Truck Wrapping

Very few outside the vinyl wrapping business have DIY wrap kits and tools needed to apply it properly. Upfront, you will spend between $200 to $700 on the tools alone. These include squeegees, specialty knives and blades designed to cut the liner of the film without damaging the wrap, a heat gun, not to mention an infrared thermometer since the film needs to be heated at an exact temperature.

Learning how to use these tools properly will cost time, energy and manpower, which if added all up will rake up the truck wrap cost even if its DIY. Investing in your own application tools is a good investment if you’re planning to wrap your entire fleet, but even then the man hours you spend will not be worth it.

How Long Does A Truck Wrap Take?

Time is money, and this is even more true in the overall truck wrap cost. A small car will take two professionals a full day to finish, and a full body truck wrapping will take five days at most. If you plan to wrap a truck yourself, it might take even longer.

At the same time, those who do DIY truck wrapping are prone to errors, from cutting the film wrong, premature adhesion of the film, to warping of the film from excessive heat, so prepare to buy a few additional metres of vinyl wrap just in case.

Bottomline: Is The DIY Truck Wrap Cost Alternative Worth It?

Overall, if you’re planning to wrap a truck fleet of 50, then investing time, money, and energy in learning how to wrap a truck yourself is a good idea. However, if you want quick, hassle-free and professional truck wraps with custom designs that best fit your brand, then Custom Graphics is here to help. For any truck branding or fleet signage needs, email us at, or contact us at 02 9743 4372.

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