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If a full wrap isn’t what you are after for your business, Talk to us about more affordable options. Our team of graphic designers can work with you to find an advertising solution for your business at a price you are happy with. Whether it is just your logo on your vehicle, or phone number and website, we have you covered.

What could be better than tax-deductible swag for your rig? Here at Graphics for Cars, we supply the graphics, stickers and wraps that make the hardhat crowd happy. Applying custom vinyl graphics to your ute is the perfect way to advertise your business, express your individuality – or both. We also offer perforated vinyl wrap which provides you with shade and privacy inside your rig.

Best of all, our custom vinyl graphics are easily removed, should you ever desire. Unlike marriage, a mortgage or an ugly cell phone contract – there is no long term commitment. Our 3M vinyl graphics simply come right off, leaving your ute looking like it just rolled off the assembly line.

Custom vinyl graphics are affordable too, which means you don’t have to forfeit your pub money in order to have a gorgeous ute. And our graphics are quickly applied, allowing you and your rig to get back to the job site in a timely manner.

There’s no better way to get noticed by new customers than with slick vehicle graphics. There is one side effect however – more frequent trips to the car wash. Once you adorn your ute with our beautiful graphics, you won’t want it caked in mud following a trip to the job site.

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Car Wraps

When a few graphics here and there just won’t do, an entire car wraps is the way to go! A car wraps is just what it sounds like – a vinyl wrap for your entire vehicle. Car wraps allows you to broadcast your message without permanently altering your vehicle.

That’s right – you can have your vehicle completely wrapped in custom graphic goodness on day, and back to showroom condition the next. It’s the perfect plan to promote your business while retaining your ride’s retail value. That’s why you see so many band tour buses sporting wraps – if they get in an argument over groupies and break up, the bus can be restored back to normal without a hitch.

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Car graphics, car signage Sydney

What could set off your ride just perfectly? Some custom pin stripping? A nice set of flames? If you can imagine it, we can apply it to your vehicle. Best of all, should you ever reevaluate your taste in automotive décor, the graphics are easily removed. It’s not like painting on a design, which essentially chains you to your decision for the life of the vehicle. Nope, custom vinyl graphics are the Etch a Sketch of automotive design.

Our craftsmen can apply custom graphics to vehicles of any kind. Whether you want to apply a checkered flag graphic to your Mini or a tribal design to your Hummer, we have the ability to make your vehicle unique. Your vehicle will be the one onlookers stop and point at when stopped at a traffic light – instead of that hot red Ferrari revving its engine next to you.

Car graphics are an excellent way to invest in your vehicle. Eye catching graphics can improve your vehicles resale value and help it to stand out in a market full of drab, gray sedans.

Your ideas for custom graphics are only limited to your imagination. Our high tech equipment can render digital images of anything you desire in a matter of minutes. We can then produce as many copies of your desired image as you would like. Whether you want just a single graphic produced for your car, or multiple copies for the entire race team.

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Best of all, unlike paint based car graphics, vinyl graphics are extremely affordable. And, if the graphics are used to advertise your business, they are tax-deductible. Vinyl graphics are the affordable way to broadcast your message or showcase your individuality.

So, what do you have to lose? Drop your car off with us and you will never again have a difficult time distinguishing it from the herd in a crowded parking lot.

Truck wraps

For that unique design on your Truck whether it be a work horse advertising your businesses, or a show piece with all the flames and optimus prime your 18 wheeler could need, Custom Graphics can achieve this using Vinyl wrap.

A cheaper and more convenient alternative to airbrushing is Vinyl wrapping, by applying large sheets of vinyl to your truck we can change its colour and design to create a totally new and refreshed look. The vinyl completely covers the paintwork of your Truck, protecting it from stone chips and minor abrasions caused through general wear and tear.

As to airbrushing, If any section of the truck does become damaged for any reason, the vinyl can be easily repaired or replaced. This means that panels of your car can be individually re-wrapped at any time.

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Commercial Vehicle Design and Graphics

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Graphics For Utes

Remember those stickers you would put on everything from your locker to your skateboard when you were in high school? Well, we make those too! People of all ages love to decorate the world around them with stickers, making them a perfect way to advertise your message. They are especially

handy on cars (car sticker advertising), where they can be easily applied to create a rolling billboard. In addition, they are just as easy to remove, so you don’t have to worry about messing up your car's flawless paint job. Here at Graphics for CarsCustom Graphics are expert providers of signage for ute, car sign stickers - and even complete vehicle wraps. Tradies, do yourself a favour – promote your business the smart way with Custom Graphics vinyl signage. Wherever you and your Ute or tray-body vehicle goes – make it work for you. Whether you’re parked or on the go – even in a traffic jam – let customers know who you are and how to contact you, with tax-deductable signage by Custom Graphics. Neat and discrete or bold as brass - we’ve got the style that’s got you covered. Slick graphics for ute - your silent partner to win new customers - Custom Graphics knows the drill. we can print your message in bulk, ensuring your message gets plastered all over town. Wide range of services make Custom Graphics one stop solution from car stickers advertising up to business signs.

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Car Stickers

Remember those car stickers you would put on everything from your locker to your skateboard when you were in high school? Well, we make those too! People of all ages love to decorate the world around them with stickers, making them a perfect way to advertise your message. They are especially

handy on cars (car sticker advertising), where they can be easily applied to create a rolling billboard. In addition, they are just as easy to remove, so you don’t have to worry about messing up your car's flawless paint job.

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Here at Graphics for Cars we can print your message in bulk, ensuring your message gets plastered all over town. Wide range of services make Custom Graphics one stop solution from car stickers advertising up to business signs.

Graphics For Trucks

Truck owners are always trying to draw attention to their ride either by jacking it up or by slamming it to the ground. These attempts at standing out from the crowd are played out. If you want to be unique, steal the show with custom vehicle graphics. Trucks are big, burly and they make the perfect canvas for stickers, signage or a complete wrap.

If you use your truck for work, custom graphics are a brilliant way to promote your business. Vinyl lettering affixed to the side of your rig will advertise your message whenever you go. Our team of experts can apply custom vehicle graphics in no time, ensuring you won’t be without your four-wheeled companion for long. The process is painless and the results are phenomenal.

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Vinyl graphics are affordable too – meaning you don’t have choose between filling up your truck’s massive fuel tank or announcing your message. And, if you’re applying vehicle graphics for business purposes, they are tax deductible. With all of the benefits associated with custom vinyl graphics, why would you not apply them to your rig? Show those other custom truck drivers you’re the boss of tailgates and mud flaps. - See more at:

Trucks are the perfect medium for vehicle graphics and vehicle signage. No matter if they’re heavy haulage or suburban delivery vehicles, their size is impossible to ignore. So, when they display a company logo, business message or call to action, you will promote the core values of the business. Custom Graphics understands the importance of a positive public image and the value of a moving message. We are expert at large-scale graphic design and vinyl signage application. Custom Graphics will have your entire fleet working in unison, to promote trust and project a positive public image, wherever your vehicles go.

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Boat Graphics

Car Signage, using innovative vinyl wrap technology, is the ideal way to maximize your personal transport investment while providing a 24/7 advertising focus. Car wrapping has evolved significantly and business owners now have an excellent medium to self-promote, while new car buyers can offset running costs by subletting their vehicles’ exterior to third-party advertisers. Perforated vinyl wrap can even be applied as a window treatment - offering shade and privacy through one way vision - while the gaze of observers is firmly focused on the ad message printed on the outer side. From mild to wild Custom Graphics offers removable custom vinyl wrap to both protect and promote, returning your car to original condition whenever needed.

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Boat Wraps

Originally, with changing the colour or applying a graphic to a boat, gel-coating or spray painting were the only ways. Costs are high and the boat will be out of commission for quite a while as the new finish cures.

But with Custom Graphics we use Vinyl Wrap for Boats (yes, wraps are waterproof) Just like with Cars and Buses, Custom Graphics can wrap entire boats, decorate them partially with stripes and patterns or customise the design yourself. We will even replace the name of your boat in any font or style of lettering, in order to suit its new appearance.

With vinyl wrapping, you can go cruise the high seas in as quickly as 24 hours after vinyl application. Vinyl installation can be done at your premises, which means you won't need to transport your vessel back and forth.

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Bike Wraps

If you are after a personalized, custom “Airbrushed” look for your motorbike whether it be a Tank Wrap or Motorbike graphic we can help design and freshen up your motorcycle. Using Vinyl wrap to create something unique that best matches the Rider's personality.

Using the highest quality vinyls and our wide format printers, our creative and talented team at Custom Graphics with be able to help make your Motorbike your own and differentiate it from the crowd.

Turning heads and getting that nod of appreciation from fellow riders as they pass by.

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racing vehicle signage

Racing Design

What does your race team need? More horsepower? Stickier tires? No! You need car graphics. Our racing graphics ensure that even if you don’t make it to the winners circle, you’ll still look good trying to get there. Whether you need racing stickers to cover the entire vehicle or just a few sponsor stickers here and there, we can make it happen. Oh, and if your sponsor dumps you next season, no problem. The graphics can be easily removed, making room for your new better sponsor’s stickers. Haven’t you heard that red paint and chrome makes a car go faster? Well, the same can be said for custom vinyl graphics (editor’s note: car graphics do not make your car faster.)

Window Tinting

Custom Graphics Window Tinting is a great example of an aftermarket upgrade that isn’t expensive. It can protect your car as well as also raise the level of its aesthetics improving your driving experience.

With window tinting you to basically turn your car into that cliche cool kid who always wears sunglasses..

By Improving the look and style of your car, it’s more attractive, adds privacy, blocks glare and creates an even appearance that greatly improves resale value. It can also reduce the risk of theft or vandalism and may prevent serious injuries that result from damaged glass.

A good note is that window tinting is not a permanent thing. Films can easily be removed in a short period of time.

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Rims Respray

Custom rim respray is an awesome final touch for your modified or stylized vehicle. With a large range of colours and options to choose from, we can style your wheels to achieve the best look possible for your pride and joy.

With the Full rims respray service at Custom Graphics we remove the tires, sand blast, restore any damage, prime and triple coat all wheels without exception.

Rims respray can be performed on damaged, scuffed, old, or even on wheels with a flaking finish. If you are tired of the look of your wheels don’t rush out and spend a fortune to buying new ones when you can respray them for a fraction of the price. We have lots of colors available including black rims, white, gunmetal grey, candy colors, fluor etc.

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