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Do Companies Pay to Wrap Your Car?


Even if you spend less than ten minutes on the road each day, pretty sure you’ve seen a vehicle with a full body wrap of a business or a brand. More often than not, these are vans of tradies or contractors jumping from one job to the next, but surely one of those vehicles is a privately- owned car who is getting paid to wrap his car in a specific branding. It does exist, and you can avail of this passive income as well.

Wrap Advertising: Does It Exist?

If you’re looking to get paid for car advertising stickers, the first thing you have to consider is how it works. A quick Google search will turn up different companies who are partnered with ad agencies that are looking for car owners who are willing to get their car wrapped. Firstly, you will have to give your car details, usual route, and even driving patterns. They want to know how much time you spend on the road, they type of vehicle you have, and the roads that you ply through.

How much Will I Get Paid?

How much you can make in a month will depend on the details you provide them. It can range from $50-300 a month, depending on the time you spend on the road and the length of the campaign. $50 might seem small, but it’s not so bad considering it’s passive income with virtually zero effort.

Does It Have To Be My Car?

More often than not, your car will need to be wrapped by the company logo and overall branding. But if you fit the bill, some companies consider lending you their car to drive around. This, of

course, will depend if you drive more than an hour a day, and if you course through universities and other youth-dense areas. Not to worry though, if you go through CBDs, there are other brands who will be willing to advertise with your car.


Aside from having a good route and a long hours on the road, there are other requirements the advertising company will need. You will have to be of age, have a clear driving record, have car insurance, with a car that virtually has no damage in any way. Aside from this, you will need to keep up with the following: you need to agree to keep the ad on your car for the duration of the campaign, drive the minimum weekly or monthly mileage required, and you should agree to have a GPS attached to your car so they can keep track of your driving patterns.

Beware of Scams

As with any thriving industry, car wrap advertising has its fair share of scammers. The most common scam is where someone will claim to be a legitimate car wrap advertising company, complete with forms, contracts and a website, who will send you a check and ask you to wire them a specific amount, only to have the check bounce a few days later. This is very common with “Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car Red Bull” offers, where they ask for the money to be wired to the vinyl wrapping company. The moral of that companies will never give you money and ask you to wire it to somewhere else. Never fall into that trap.


Short of putting car rooftop advertising on your car, car wrapping is the quickest and easiest to make extra cash with your car. You won’t get rich with it, but its a good way to subsidise your monthly gas money and put it towards something else that interests you. Just always be wary of scammers because if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

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