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Can You Vinyl Wrap a Fibreglass Boat?

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Sail to Success with Custom Boat Wraps A

A quick walk around the marina is enough to conclude one thing: all boats look the same. It’s true that not all boats were built equally, but at first glance if you've seen one boat, you’ve seen them all. Bonus points to you if you choose the best color a boat can have: white. We have something that not only can make your boat stand out, but protect it as well: boat wraps.

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Boat Graphics

We are specialists in boat wraps and graphics. We have all the necessary certificates and knowledge in marine signage. We use marine grade vinyl and edge sealant ...

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Boat Wraps Graphics

Boat Graphic Design 

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Custom Boat Wrap

On-site vinyl wrap for this much-loved boat

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Making Waves

Dipping your toe into the waters of boat graphics

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Boat wrap

Here is one more boat wrpped by our team. All boat graphics done in house.

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Custom Boat Wraps

Dedigned by our team , printed and installed in Custom Graphics.

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Gold Jet Boat

Our specialist team of installers have wrapped this boat in gold chrome with a metallic gold windscreen.

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Full boat wrap and preparation

Boat wraps become really popular

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