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Make Lasting Impressions With Vehicle Branding


Truth be told, making sure your brand is seen and remembered by many is hard work, but it shouldn’t be. Building a brand is hard, and creating a name with that brand is even harder. It always falls on the need to make an impression on people, to get stuck in their heads that once they think of your industry, they automatically think of you. And what better way to cement yourself on the minds of Australians than by wrapping your car in vehicle signage Sydney will be exposed to and have it roaring its way down the motorway? 


This is why more and more businesses now are opting to do fleet signage, which many consider to be the best type of outdoor signage today. On average, a 6x3-metre roadside billboard will be seen by 15,000 cars per day. Getting vehicle branding is basically getting a billboard on your vehicle, but with better results. Every time your fleet goes out, they bring out the billboards with them, covering more ground and getting more impressions than a billboard on the side of a street. 


Whether you need car signage, van signage or graphics for trucks, our experts at Custom Graphics can handle all kinds of vehicle branding. No job is too big or too small when it comes to fleet signage advertising solutions, so whether you want to put up a sticker of your logo on your car doors, or you want a custom wrap that blends together with your fleet of vans or trucks, Custom Graphics has your back. We have been in the business long enough that we know how to ensure quality with every project, whether you want bold, eye-catching designs, a complete truck wrap, or something customised. Custom Graphics can do it all. 


The best part about vehicle branding is its cost effectiveness. Roadside billboards will lock you in for a few months, costing you thousands of dollars without seeing the effect on your revenue. With fleet signage, your cars will be moving billboards for your business forever, or at least until you choose to remove the signages. You get a billboard forever at only a fraction of the cost. The virtually unlimited number of impressions basically pays for your vehicle branding. 


So don’t settle for a typical roadside billboard. Fleet signage and vehicle branding by Custom Graphics are advertising solutions for your business that creates lasting impressions at cost-effective rates

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