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How To Remove Signage From A Vehicle



Almost every business today uses some form of advertisement signage on their vehicle, whether its simple sticker letters or full vinyl wraps. 

While many people often have signage done on their vehicles, prior issues or circumstances often forces people to remove the stick. Whether its for resale purposes, or if you’ve just so happen to own a vehicle that needs new signage.
While many professionals, such as ourselves, recommend that you go to a proper workshop to remove signage, smaller sticking can be easily removed at home, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.
Follow these steps to remove your vinyl stickers
1: Heat up the stickers with either a heat gun or a hairdryer. This will allow the vinyl to be more flexible, making it easier to pull off.
2: Begin to slowly peel away at the vinyl sticker, using either a plastic scraper blade or even with something like a credit card, ensuring you do it slowly and carefully.
3: Once the vinyl sticker is off, you may find little bits of residue, either from the adhesive or even little bits of vinyl that didn’t peel off. In that case, you can go over it with either and Orange Peel Citrus based cleaner or Rapid Remover. After dabbing a little bit of removal liquid, leave it to set for a minute, before using a paper towel to work away at any remaining adhesive.
We must stress that we do not recommend nor endorse vinyl removal at home, and take no liability if any damage occurs to your vehicle should you attempt this at home. Note that this is simply an information article detailing other forms of vinyl removal. If you have any vinyl removal needs, we recommend going to a trained professional. 


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