At Custom Graphics we specializes in all aspect of Boat wrap. Right from the consultation process to the final implementation. Be it intricate or an elaborate design, we are not limited to any boundaries.


Custom vehicle signage gives entrepreneurs a new medium to self-promote while providing car owner a means to make money by subletting their vehicle’s exterior to third-party advertisers.


Our large format prints can be used on vehicles of any size, buses, outdoor stands, banner, even building walls. Best of all, vinyl wrap doesn’t require any special installation or preparation.


Boat design and wrap.

Custom design for a boat.

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Harris Mackay Toyota signage.

Design and vehicle signage for Harris Mackay.

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Frameless wall sign for PROvinyl

Exclusive T-board - frameless fabric sign for PROvinyl , leading car paint protection and car wrapping company.

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Exclusive boat graphics

Here is the perfect example of the custom boat design and professional installation.

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Boat wraps

Custom Graphics - Boat wraps . Inhouse design, production and installation allow us to finilise the poject within two days. Please contact us for a price.

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Jim's Mowing

Another happy Jim’s Mowing customer leaving the workshop. As the official Sydney Jim’s Mowing signage company we continue to provide a high level of service which people can trust. 
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Hyundai i30

Hyundai Fleet signage

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Wildbrumby Truck graphics

Working with Wildbrumby on there delivery truck was a fantastic opportunity to show how you can transform a regular vehicle into a eye catching truck design.

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F1 Surfboard

Surfboard is 7.5 meters long by 2.4 meters wide and is big enough so carry a full size F1 Car

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Custom Boat graphics - HULK

Boat graphics Sydney

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Tinting machine

As far as ‘Custom Graphics’ go, this could be our favourite full design/wrap yet. This is the second car the Steve and the team at The Tinting Machine have done with us and I daresay with advertising like this car, we will be doing a third soon. For this car we mimic’d the design of the original car with a change in colour and small changes to the graphics.

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Hello Fred

Fred imports Scandinavian furniture and lighting.

Much like the simplistic and modern furniture Fred imports, this was a simple wrap. A matte black Wrap surrounds the entire car with very simple white branding.

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Tino Vello Design, one of the most respected names in Interior Design here in Sydney approached us to complete a number of cars for them. TVD provided us with the designs they were after, and who are we to argue. The simple but sophisticated combination of the matte orange and matte black help this car stand out.

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Porsche vinyl wrap in pealwhite

If this 2002 Porsche 911 wasn’t a head turner already it is now. Now it is fully equipped with a pearlescent white/purple wrap and carbon fibre details. We can’t wait to see this car again soon when we wrap the new body kit that is waiting for us.

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DPW Homes

This is another great example of branding done correctly. DWP Homes has only been in business as short while, but Daniel and the team are doing great things. Daniel has a clear understanding of the importance of branding and this is evident when you look at his marketing efforts and this car. Using his simple logo to occupy the back portion of the car it highlights his company in an eye catching but not ostentatious manner.

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Office signage

What started as us just playing around with some new patterns quickly led to us printing a new feature wall here at Custom Graphics HQ. This graphic is printed on one of our favourite matte wallpaper materials. If you are after a feature wall for your business or home, then consider this option. We can design and print feature walls like this one at a fraction of the cost it would be to paint.

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Australian Auto Gates

Australian Auto Gates; one of Sydneys leading suppliers and installers of all things gates. We were approached by the team at Auto Gates to re do the signage on four of their vehicles as the previous signage was out dated and worn out. After working together to come up with a design which utilised the companies new branding and colours we set to work.

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This is one of 10 cars that Custom Graphics is doing for the team at Fairchild. Fairchild came to us with exactly what they wanted in mind and we think they nailed it. The clean and simple two tone design they wanted compliments the car and the company branding nicely.

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Camperdown Fitness

Here is another job that we completed for the team over at Camperdown Fitness. Adam who runs, Elite Strength & Fitness was after something bold that helped his Mercedes stand out from the crowd. Adam came into the Custom Graphics HQ, sat down with one of our talented designers and laid out the design for his car in one session.

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Formula 4

This is one of those jobs that really stands out from the crowd. Tom grech and the team at IQ option racing thought of everything when it came to the design of this Formula 4 Car. The simple grey wrap is highlighted by the bright orange IQ logos and certainly comes to life on the track. We cant wait to follow Tom and the team this season to see how they fair.

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T-Board provides the most effective marketing solution in its class. Streamlined and practical front-loading construction eliminates the need for heavy acrylic or glass fittings making it cheap to own and operate.

Outdoor light boxes

At Custom Graphics we manufacture all shapes, sizes and types of illuminated light box signs. If you are an individual trader or corporate we are happy to provide our services.

Fleet Signage

Custom graphics are leading experts in the field of branding and fleet signage. A professionally designed and installed wrap can really help your business stand out from the crowd.

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We have used Mark and the team at Custom graphics for all of our vehicle signage and couldn't be happier with the service they offer.



The team at Custom Graphics completes all the stickers for us here at Thrifty in Alexandria. Whether it's an hours notice or a weeks notice, they always get the job done for us.

John DoeGeorge


We do a lot of custom and unusual vehicle work for various big name brands around Australia and I always turn to Custom Graphics for my signage needs. Whether its complete coverage or some spot signage on a trailer, they are the go to guys for my signage.


Event Vehicles Australia

Having a strong presence on Sydney roads is very important to the growth of our company. Mark and the team at Custom Graphics took over the signage contract for all of our vehicles last year and we haven't looked back.


Camperdown Fitness

why us

Take a trip down any stretch of roadway in Australia and you’ll be overwhelmed by all of vehicles competing for your attention – from jacked up trucks to low riding cruisers.

The only surefire way to stand out from the crowd is with vehicle signage. Here at Graphics for Cars, we apply custom vehicle graphics that get you noticed. But that’s not all. We can create vinyl graphics for whatever you desire – walls, buildings, signs – there’s nothing we can’t affix your message to.

So, just what are custom vehicle graphics and how are they installed? Vehicle signage is created by applying a vinyl wrap to the car – no paint necessary. Car wrapping is the latest technology in vehicle signage. Even if you drive a 1985 Yugo, throwing on a vehicle wrap will make it Bugatti Veyron cool. Some examples of our vinyl graphics services – vehicle related and otherwise – include:

What we do

Corporate signage.

Get your company noticed with eye-catching vinyl lettering.

Large Format Printing.

We can cover almost any surface with custom vinyl lettering –from car wrapping to building wrapping and everything in between. Yes, we can even beautify the lavatory walls with custom vinyl graphics, if you so desire.

One Way Vision.

Just like it sounds, one way vision film provides a graphic with one way visibility for any window surface. Being able to see someone when they can’t see you is an added perk – trust us.

Office Signage.

Draw attention to your workplace and get the team fired up with vinyl lettering stickers applied to the office walls or storefront.

Graphics for Utes.

What better way to promote your business than by driving to the work site sporting custom vinyl lettering?

Boat wraps.

Our skilled technicians are just as proficient at applying boat graphics as they are to cars.

Car stickers for advertising.

Get your business noticed while you’re cruising around town with custom vinyl lettering.

Car sign stickers.

Whether you want to drive around advertising your company or just want a custom vinyl wrap to make your vehicle your own, we’ve got you covered.

Van wrap.

Nothing makes a better canvas than a full sized van. Get your favorite slogan applied in vinyl lettering stickers by doing a van wrap here in Sydney.

Basically, whether you need signage for your ute, car sign stickers, large format printing, one way vision, corporate signage, office signage, car advertising stickers or anything else related to vinyl graphics, we’re your guys.

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